Mahima Vijendra

Specialist – TNUSSP | mvijendra at iihs dot ac dot in

2008    MSc, Environmental Policy and Regulation, London School of Economics and Political Science, London, UK
2005    BA (Hons), Environment and Planning, University of Liverpool, Liverpool, UK



Countries: India, UK
States: Karnataka
Cities: London, Bangalore
Languages: English, Kannada, Hindi, German

Mahima Vijendra has a Master’s in Environmental Policy and Regulation and a Bachelor’s in Environment and Planning, with a focus on urban regeneration. She has worked in a number of consulting roles both in the UK and India, across a range of themes including: strategic infrastructure planning, development planning, socioeconomics and sustainability.


Her experience includes working with/managing multidisciplinary teams to provide research, analysis and technical assistance in infrastructure strategies, economic impact studies, funding bids, socio-economic analyses, employment land reviews, policy research, environmental assessments and carbon management.


Mahima has engaged with local authorities such as London Boroughs, GLA  and other UK Councils; central and state government departments such as UK DfT and the Karnataka State Government; other public sector agencies including TfL and Transport Systems Catapult;  and a number of private sector clients.


Mahima’s most recent work was to project manage a case study focused on maximising the development potential, as part of the strategic economic case, of a major transport infrastructure scheme in London.  It involved a team of development planners/economists, urban designers and property consultants.


At IIHS, Mahima supports the Tamil Nadu Urban Sanitation Support Programme (TNUSSP).

Practice Projects at IIHS

2018 onwards Tamil Nadu Urban Sanitation Support Programme (TNUSSP)

Journal Articles:

  • Sabapathy, A., Ragavan, S. K., Vijendra, M., & Nataraja, A. G. (2010). Energy efficiency benchmarks and the performance of LEED rated buildings for Information Technology facilities in Bangalore, India. Energy and Buildings, 42(11), 2206-2212.


Other Writing

  • Vijendra, M., & Sudhakar, S. (2020). Systems and procedures for urban sanitation in Tamil Nadu. TNUSSP. https://muzhusugadharam.co.in/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/TNUSSP-Systems-Procedures-for-Urban-Sanitation-in-Tamil-Nadu.docx-2.pdf
  • Ramesh, G., Raman, R., Ramaswamyna, N., Sudhakar, S., Vijendra, M., & Anneka, M. (2020). State investment plan for FSM. TNUSSP. https://muzhusugadharam.co.in/draft-state-investment-plan-for-fsm/